Hot Dog Bun Breadsticks

So with BBQ season you will probably have lots of left over Hot Dog buns. You know, the one or two that are always left over that end up just sitting there until they're moldy or stale.
Well, my Mother-in-law came up with this great idea a few summers ago....Why not use hot dog buns for breadsticks?

So here is how you make these yummy breadsticks..

Get some Hot Dog Buns and split each one.

Garlic Spread:
Melted Butter
Parmesan Cheese
Onion and Garlic Salt
& a little bit of garlic
Mix these together and then spread the butter mixture onto each bun.

Then you can sprinkle a little more parmesan cheese on top. Then Broil in the oven until browned and crispy.
(You can also find Garlic Spread at your grocery store, if you don't want to make your own.)

Sorry there are no measurements, I just kind of add a little bit of everything. Enjoy!!


  1. I have made these a few times since you gave me the idea back in April! I always have left over buns and this is perfect for using them!!! I hate throwing away food! Thanks so much for the tip :)

  2. No problem Jessica! I was going to make your Macaroni Au Gratin the other day, but I'm planning on making it tomorrow or Monday. It looked really yummy! :)