Silhouette Giveaway!!

Alright I have another great giveaway to pass on to all of you. Right now there are several websites having an amaing giveaway! Have any of you heard of the Silhouette? I hadn't until I saw this giveaway...Now I want one...really bad!!

So, what is a Silhouette?
The Silhouette is a digital cutting tool for personal use. It connects to your computer just like a printer, but instead of printing designs it cuts them with a small blade. With the machine connected to your computer, you'll get access to all of the fonts on your PC plus the thousands of cuttable designs found on the Silhouette Online Store.
I'm sure you have all heard of a very similar machine known as the Cricut. So, what's the difference? Here's a chart that can help you compare the Silhouette and the Cricut.
This machine can do so many things. You don't have to be a scrapbooker to enjoy this machine. Click here to see what the Silhouette can do.
I really really want one of these. There are so many things I am already planning on doing if I am lucky enough to win this.
So head on over to Sugardoodle, The Idea Room or Cupcake Project for more information on these giveaways and for your chance to win!!

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