Breakfast Quesadillas

Most Sundays, Josh will get up before I do. I have to confess....I like to sleep in. Anyway, some of those Sundays Josh will surprise me with breakfast. One Sunday he came up with these really yummy Breakfast Quesadillas. It's been months since he's made them, so I had him make them again this last Sunday and I took a picture of them. It's a nice twist on Breakfast Tacos. I like these because the tortilla is nice and crispy. I think I'm going to have to have Josh make these again this Sunday. : )

So, all you need is tortillas, eggs, cheese, and anything else you would like. The first time Josh made these, he used leftover Chicken fajita meat, so yummy. We did experiment another time with potatoes, cheese, sausage, etc. Those were a little too thick, but I'm sure you could get it to work and taste really good. I think we used real potatoes that time, so it was a bigger mess and more work; peeling and cutting the potatoes. You could use the frozen country style hashbrowns, that would be easier.
This last Sunday he just used eggs, cheese, and sausage; and they were soooo good.

So first, you will need to make your eggs. Just make regular scrambled eggs, adding whatever you want. This time we used sausage and cheese. Josh also told me that he heard somewhere that using water instead of milk will make your eggs more fluffy.
After the eggs are done, heat up your skillet. Spray one side of a tortilla with cooking spray and place it in the skillet. Sprinkle the tortilla with cheese, then add your eggs. Top with more cheese...oh yes more cheese, and then top with another tortilla.
Cook until the tortilla is browned and crispy. Spray the other tortilla with cooking spray and flip. Cook the other side until browned and cripsy, and the cheese is melted.
When it's done, remove from the skillet and enjoy!
Simple, huh?

Breakfast Quesadilla
from: Josh Perron

Makes 1 Breakfast Quesadilla

2Flour Tortillas
1/2 Cheese
Mix-in ideas: Sausage, Bacon, Cheese, Potatoes, Chicken, Onions, Bell Peppers, etc.

First make your scrambled eggs. Add any mix-ins that you want with your eggs. Cook until done, light & fluffly.
Next, heat your skillet. Spray one side of one tortilla with cooking spray and place into the skillet. Spread the tortilla with half of the cheese. Spread the eggs on top of the cheese. Then add the remaining cheese and top with another tortilla.
Cook until the torilla is browned and cripsy and the cheese is melted. Then spray the other tortilla with cooking spray and flip. Cook until tortilla is browned and cripsy and cheese is melted.
Once done, remove from skillet. Cut and enjoy!


  1. OH MY! Those look YUMMY! You know what we should do....we should totally have a family get together night and have a "Dinner for Breakfast" Dinner. You guys can make these, I would bring my Belgium Waffle maker...ooo, doesn't that sound like fun! I totally want to try these!

  2. Amy,
    That sounds like a fabulous idea! I was just thinking that we need to have a game night. So, we should just have a breakfast for dinner game night. What do you think? (and everyone has to wear PJ's, haha)