Toilet Cleaning Gel Review!!

Product info:
Scubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning gel is suppose to be a step up from those toilet clips that you can hang on the toilet. So you have a dispenser that has gel inside and you pop the cap off and you press a button and you place the dispenser under your toilet rim and you push against the toilet and viola a gel is pressed onto the side under the rim and it lasts for up to a week and dissolves with every flush.

I like how you don't have to get your hands dirty. I like the simplicity of the product and the cleaning power.

You still have to clean your toilet every week as soon as it falls off. After 8-9 days my toilet started getting the yellow rim it gets but my other toilet is still white after 10+ days so it depends on the toilet. The one that lasted longer is a newer toilet and at the back of my house and never gets used, I am waiting for it to fall off to clean because I am afraid i will knock it off and have to replace it!

Will I buy this product again?

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