"AIR WICK® i motion Freshmatic Ultra Automatic Spray" & "Glade Sense & Spray" Side to side Product Review

Product info:
Air Wick i-motion sensor is an automatic spray with a time released fragrance and/or a movement sensor as well. When the Air Wick sees movement it will spray an extra spray. Or you can set the unit to a 9, 18, or 36 min. spray.

I like the ability to have an automatic spraying unit!

I don't like that it sprays out the front, it has sprayed me in the face a couple times. I don't like how it just continues to spray until turned off. The motion sensor doesn't have a lock out mode so it can spray tons of times in a min. if you keep walking in front of it. I think it is too big and bulky.

Will I buy this product again?
If it were free, sure otherwise no!

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Product Info:
Glade Sense & Spray is a motion sensored air freshener. The unit automatically detects motion and releases a concentrated burst of fresh fragrance but also has a 30 min lock out mode.

Likes:I like that the unit sprays out the top. I like that it is motion sensored and has a lock out mode of 30 min. So like me I have it in my bedroom and it won't keep spraying all night long like other products. I like the compactness of the unit.

I only have 1 and that is I wish it had a turn off switch just in case!

Will I buy this product again?

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