Your Life Uncommon Giveaway

My friend, Amy Lindstrom of 'Your Life Uncommon', is having a BIG giveaway today. She is giving away a Cleaning Package from Don Aslett's Cleaning Supplies. Here is what is included in the giveaway:

We will be giving away TWO of DON ASLETT'S GREEN STARTER KITS! The items in each kit are valued at over $73 each! The kits are sold in stores for $39.95 until July 1st when the price will be $44.95. And we are GIVING AWAY TWO OF THEM! A different way to clean your home from top to bottom. The chemicals are non-toxic, biodegradable and have low of no V.O.C’s. Safer alternatives for you and the environment.
• 1 Quart Foam N Flush
• 1 Quart Tub N Tile
• 1 Tub N Tile Spray Bottle w/ Foaming Nozzle
• 1 Quart Max Clean
• 1 Max Clean Spray Bottle
• 3-Pack Window Cleaner (makes 3 quarts)
• Window Cleaner Spray Bottle
• Toilet Bowl Caddy—holds Johnny Mop and Foam N Flush
• 1 Heavy-Duty Johnny Mop
• Shaw’s Pad to remove hard water scale
• 1 Professional Grout & Crevice Tool
• 1 Large White Scrubber
• 2 Multi-Purpose Microfiber cloth
• 1 Ready-to-Use X-O+ Odor Neutralizer
• Cleaning Caddy

So, if you're in the mood for some Spring Cleaning, then you better head on over to Amy's blog: Your Life Uncommon and enter this great giveaway!

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