Day 7: Snickerdoodles

I found this recipe a few years ago, I don't remember where I got the recipe, but I know that it is really good. I have tried a few other recipes and they never have turned out right, so this is my go to Snickerdoodle recipe, at least for right now. :) These cookies are cripy on the outside, but oh so chewy on the inside. My nephew said that the only thing wrong with the recipe, is that it doesn't make enough!!

Shannon made these and gave me a few things to add. She said that when she baked these, she didn't think that they were quite done at 11 minutes, but took them out anyway. She said she was glad she did, because if she had let them cook any longer, they probably would have been hard and crispy. So, just a warning, at 11 minutes they might not look quite done, but they are. Don't overcook these, unless you like crispy cookies. Hope you enjoy these!!

Click Here to print this recipe!

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