Day 3: Rolo Cookies

My friend, Lindsay, told me about these cookies a few years ago. We were playing games (wow, life before kids, we actually could play games!:)) Her husband was telling us about these delicious cookies that she makes called Rolo Cookies. They sounded so good, but I never got the recipe from her. So, a few Christmases ago, I decided to look up this recipe and try them out. And sure enough they did not disappoint.

So Adam & Lindsay, thankyou for sharing these cookies with us. I have no idea where I got this recipe from, but if it is different from yours, PLEASE share it with all of us! When I made this batch of cookies, I had to half it because I didn't have enough rolos. When the first sheet came out of the oven I realized they had spread too much, so I had to add more flour. I later read in a Cookie Cookbook that you should never half a cookie recipe unless it says you can. Just a little info. that I learned. Enjoy!
Print the recipe Here!

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