Day 13: Big Batch Kris Kringle Cookies

It's the last day of our Christmas Treats Countdown, I can't believe it's Christmas Eve! I am so excited!! And what better cookie to have on Christmas Eve than Kris Kringle Cookies. I had never heard of these, but as I was searching for treats I saw these on http://www.allrecipes.com/. I thought they would be perfect, so last night I made them, and wow! They are so delicious. And since the have dried cranberries in them, I figured they were healthier than regular cookies, so I gave myself permission to eat as many as I wanted. :) I hope you enjoyed our '12 Days of Treats' as much as I have, and I wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas!

This is not my picture, my pictures did not look too appealing. So, I used the one from the internet. I did do a few things different from the recipe. One reason my cookies didn't look as good as these is, I think I need to add a little more flour. I added extra flour after the first batch, but I think they still need more. It also asks for white chocolate, chopped, but I just used white chocolate chips, and I also didn't have as much pecans as asked for, so I just sprinkled a few into the batter.
When I read this recipe before making these, I was a little worried that I wouldn't like them. I am a chocolate chip cookie kind of girl, but believe me, you HAVE to try these, they will surprise you. Enjoy!!
Click Here to print this recipe!

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