Day 1: Sugar Cookie Bars & Giveaway

Our first day of our 12 days of treats begins with a very Yummy and very easy treat! I love sugar cookies, but I really wish they weren't so much work. So when I saw this recipe on www.realmomkitchen.com, I knew I would love it. So, I finally made them, and yes I loved them! They were so delicious and very easy. Visit Laura's wonderful and delicious website for some more tasty treats. And definitely make this one!
Just click Here to print the recipe!

Now for the giveaway!

Since we're doing 12 days of Treats what better thing to giveaway than a Cookie Cookbook! We are giving away one 'Christmas Cookies Are for Giving' Cookie Cookbook.This is more than just a cookie cookbook. It includes stories, recipes, tips on baking and more.

But I wanted to give away something that you could use while making all of these delicious cookies. So, the winner will also receive One "Oxo Good Grips Medium Cookie Scoop"

These are so nice to have around for those times when you are making cookies. You cookies will come out the same size and will cook more evenly. I have been making cookies this week and I had to borrow my mother in law's cookie scoop. I know, I'm giving one away and I don't even have one! Don't worry, I ordered one for me also! :) So you have 3 chances to enter our 12 Days of Treats Giveaway:

1. As a comment leave your name and tell us your favorite cookie/treat.
Sheena Perron: tough decision...Chewy Coconut Cookies, because
I love coconut and these are so chewy and delicious.

2. Become a Follower of our Blog
Comment: Sheena Perron: Follower

3. Tell a friend about our giveaway.
Comment: Sheena Perron: I told my Mom!

So, there you go! You have today (Saturday) and tomorrow to enter our giveaway. On Monday morning one winner will be randomly selected. Good Luck!

Also, if anyone has a cookie/treat recipe they would like to share leave a comment or email us. We will post it on the blog and proper credit will be given for any recipes that are shared.


  1. Yay! I love making Muddie Buddies at Christmas; and usually make them one other time a year. I like saving them for Christmas. (chex cereal mixed with chocolate/PB and tossed in powdered sugar) My mouth is watering just thinking of it!
    Amanda R

  2. Lindsay Z: I think my favorite are Rolo cookies. I don't normally LOVE Rolos, but something about them in a cookie is SOOOO good!

    P.S. Sheena - thanks for telling me about your blog...I went through some of your recipes the other day and I'm excited to try them out!

  3. Lindsay Z: I'm a follower of your blog!

  4. Lindsay Z: I told my sister about your blog.

  5. I am a follower and I also told my sister! My favorite is a no bake chocolate drop cookie. Easy and delicious!
    Anna Davenport

  6. I love sugar cookies with almond frosting. The almond extract gives the cookies a magical taste. I also like soft raisin cookies. They are delicious! Kathy P

  7. My fav are orange sugar cookies. So easy and SOOO good! Kristin S

  8. Hi,
    I think that my current favorite cookie (it changes regularly) is Brown Sugar Butterscotch Cookies! TO DIE FOR!

    I can't wait to try your Sugar Cookie Bars, because I love sugar cookies, and that will be a fun twist on a famous traditional cookie.

  9. Taska: Follower from Spanish Fork, Utah

  10. Taska: I told my mom about your giveaway and darling blog. She told me she'd check it out!

  11. My favorite cookie is a good old fashioned chocolate chip cookie! (grandmas recipe, of course!)

  12. Samuel: I'm a follower, if you remind me. My favorite cookies are chocolate chip (I'm real original aren't I?) I'm telling my wife about this.

  13. My favorite cookies? Hmmm..........I like so many, I can't really decide. I like cookies with ice cream better than cake.

    Taska told me about your site and I am definitely going to be a follower from now on.

    I emailed my friend in Tacoma about your site. I know she will check it out.