12 Days of Treats and our First Giveaway!!!

Tis the season for....cookies! Even though Christmas is such a hectic time of year, many people take the time to bake dozens and dozens of cookies for friends and loved ones. As I was looking through recipes I came across some that looked delicious! And the thought came to me, why not have a '12 Days of Treats' and a Giveaway! So, starting Saturday, December 12 we will be posting a new cookie everyday until Christmas Eve. Now my sister, Shannon, and I had so many cookies that we couldn't decide on just 12, so we'll probably be posting more after Christmas. Some of these cookies I have made before and some are new ones that I have recently found. So come join us for 12 days as we enjoy these delicious treats. And for anyone that lives in Idaho, you may receive some of these. If I don't give them away I would be tempted to eat them all!!!
For the giveaway, visit our Blog this Saturday, Dec.12 for our first cookie and for our Giveaway. You will have Saturday and Sunday to enter. The winner will be announced Monday, Dec. 14.
I am so excited and I hope you will try some of the delicious cookies/treats.

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