Utah Albertsons FYI

I just thought that I would clarify this since I talked to our new store director here in Idaho who worked in the Albertsons Corporate store in Salt Lake City. #1 because I read a comment on PYP blog that people are stealing from Albertsons in Utah and that is why they are moving out of state because they are using coupons on already free stuff! That if you ask me is ridiculous and someone should totally explain to the lady that Albertsons' hardest state to do business in was Utah. My friend told me that they just couldn't make money with the strong Associated Foods competition. He said they got a new CEO i believe it was who wanted fast money and saw in Utah they were barely getting by so they sold the stores for a couple million and decided to move on! So there is your clarification, and no we are not stealing for using coupons on free items!! Shannon always taught me if they scan the item you can use a coupon!! So tonight I bought 10 pies and 10 ice cream and paid 15 dollars! Let's just say I am using that as a Thanksgiving Gift for my Visiting Teachees!! :) Sorry that I had to jump on my soap box but I had the info and decided to share it!

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