Turkey Lurkey!!!

I am Sooo ready for Thanksgiving. I love, turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie!!! I have been meaning to post some recipes but our internet has been acting really weird (we have satelite internet). So, I thought I would start with the Turkey, the star of the whole day! When we lived in Hawaii we didn't come home for Thanksgiving, so my very first Thanksgiving I had to read up on cooking a Turkey. I decided to watch the Food Network Channel, Alton Brown to be exact, and on one of his shows he talked about Brining a Turkey.

I really love Alton Brown's show because he explains everything. He explained why brining a turkey is so important: Bringing causes the water in the meat to come out into the brine. The brine then attaches to the H20 and goes into the turkey (he called it equilibrium). The juices are trapped in the turkey and will not come out even when cooked.

So my first Thanksgiving, I decided to brine my Turkey. And it was delicious!! So here is Alton Brown's Brine recipe.

Turkey Brine
1 Gallon Vegetable Broth
1 Cup Kosher Salt (or reg. salt)
1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
1 tbsp. Peppercorns
1/2 tbsp. All Spice Berries
1/2 tbsp. Candied ginger (I couldn't find this so I just use reg. ginger)
Once you bring to a boil take off burner and let cool a little. Then pour into a large bucket. Add 1 gallon of iced water.
Soak overnight. And since it's cold outside put it in your garage, so it doesn't take up room in the fridge. Believe me, I had to put it in our fridge in Hawaii, what a pain!

The next day:
Rinse the inside/outside of the turkey.
You'll need:
Half an Onion & 1 Red apple sliced & microwaved in water
Put these into the cavity of the turkey.
Rub the turkey with canola oil. (I have also heard to put butter under the skin.) Alton also makes a Turkey Triangle (a triangle made out of foil) this is used to cover the breast of the turkey.

Preheat oven to 500 degrees. Cook the turkey in and cook for 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes lower the temperature to 350 degrees, put your turkey triangle on and place your turkey in the oven, legs first.

White meat should be cooked to a temperature of 161 degrees
Dark meat: 180 degrees

Another important thing to do is let your Turkey rest 20-30 min. after cooking, covered.

Sorry there are no pictures, but I will add one tomorrow! And sorry for the late post, but there's still Christmas!

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