Sketchers Advice for all!!

Ok so like 8 months ago Sheena and I decided to buy some boots and saw some Sketchers on sale for like 40 something dollars! Well we first started wearing them and your toes freeze horribly which in Hailey where we are is not a good thing!! Well then this last week my zipper broke, so I decided to call and find out what they will do about it. Pretty much nothing!! If I want them to just look at them and decide if it was my misuse error or a manufacturer error I have to mail them to their headquarters on my money which they aren't even a year old yet and I didn't wear them in the Summer if you know what I mean!! Then it will take 2 months for them to decide, ok 2 months that is um January so what am I going to wear in the snow?? Then they will replace them if possible. Well let's just say I should have saved my money like most people up here and bought a pair of UGGS!! So just a peice of advice don't go for the low quality shoe just because it has the price tag you want because now I am out boots anyways and don't want to spend money to send them back to get the same low quality boot in return!! So there is my soap Box!!

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