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Every month our ward focuses on a few items that we should purchase for our food storage. We purchase in such large quantities that our emergency preparedness specialists get us some great deals on these items. Last fall, we purchased Shirley J products. I didnt know much about them but I purchased the chicken and beef bouillion and the creamy soup base. I use the bouillion all the time but have only used the soup base once or twice.
We are planning on purchasing Shirley J items again in November so last week 2 Shirley J cooks came and demonstated how to use many of their products. It was so helpful and we got to taste them!! Their website, ShirleyJ.com, has recipes for their products.

At the demo for relief society, we tried:
the sour dough bread which was really good..it had a wonderful texture
the cornbread which was very good! I dont make cornbread too often because mine always turns out grainy and crumbly. This was neither--it was soo good. I am going to buy some cornbread mix. I also like that their products last for 20 years. Cornmeal only stores for a few months.
I love my bouillion
I may try the onion seasoning or universal seasoning. My understanding is that they are the same thing. The seasoning is more concentrated than you would buy in the grocery store so instead of using a whole packet of onion soup mix you need a much smaller quantity making it a better deal.
We also tried the pizza seasoning. I like it; it tasted similar to Little Ceasars..it tasted a bit salty although they told us that all Shirley J products are low sodium.
I have some of the creamy soup base which is now called universal sauce. Now that I have found some recipes of things to make with it, I am excited.

Recipe/great use for universal sauce:
It can be used as a substitute for cream of soups..that's right you can use it instead of cream of chicken, cream of mushroom, etc. You can see the cream of soup recipe here.

I will experiment with the products that I have and will post my results and my opinions. If anyone else has Shirley J products I would love to here your feedback.

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