Problem Solved!!

I want all of you in the Hailey area (when I say that I mean miles and miles away but shop at our Albies) that I am hear to help and watch out for you!! I had a bad incident with one of the checkers at Albertsons on Tuesday night and it wasn't the first time. So I talked to another friend of mine that agreed it was time to call Corporate! So they were upset to hear this had happened and they forwarded the complaint down to the Hailey Store director and he personally called me and told me don't ever feel not welcome at my store and I promise you all my checkers will be cordial and will be soon trained on couponing so that they understand that we are not cheating them, stealing or doing anything wrong. I also want to clear up the whole Double Coupon deal per shopping trip meaning. This lady told me that it was per day and kept telling me that and I corrected her on several occasions. Corporate told me as long as you leave the store, meaning walk out the door, your shopping trip is over!! I also asked Stan ,the store director, he agreed as long as you leave out the door and walk back in you are fine!! So there you have it ladies just buy something walk out the door put it in your car like I do and walk back in and continue your double coupon shopping trip. The whole reason why I complained is because I am teaching you how to do this and I don't want you to get treated rudely and never go again and not be able to save money. Stan also told me that he will inform the workers that we are bringing business that they wouldn't have and that we are using coupons that they get paid on top of just the price we get off on our items. So yes let me say it again, THEY MAKE MONEY OFF OF US FOR GETTING STUFF FOR CHEAP AND FREE!! Shop it up ladies and if you have any problems what so ever please come and visit me personally at my home and I have a good relationship with a couple head people at the store and I will take your concerns to them!! If you need to find me either call Dawn, or Holly and they can get you my number or my home address!! Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and to take the class we did or just for listening to us!!

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