Grocery Ads for 9/9/09

There are several updated items. FYI Maceys will only be mailing a smaller ad to households each week but the full ad will be available online at their website..www.maceys.com.

My ads did not come in the mail today but Pinchingyourpennies has the grocery lists posted. Below are the best sale items according to pinchingyourpennies:

Tony's Crispy Crust Pizza 9-10 oz $1 (-$.50/1)
Tyson breaded chicken 25-28 oz $4.99 (-$1/1)
Kelloggs cereals $1.88 (various coupons)
Quaker Chewy granola bars 7.8 oz ($.75/1)
Yoplait yogurt $.50 (various coupons)

Chicken - Boneless Skinless Breasts, super saver pack 1.49/lb
Chicken - Boneless Skinless Breasts, 40 lb. box $59.20
** FREE ** Chicken - Gold'n Plump Thighs or Drumsticks, 24 oz. $.99 (-$1/1 grocerysmarts group A)
Pork - Picnic Roast, bone-in $.99/lb
Pork - Boston Butt Roast, bone-in $.99/lb
Pork - Country Style Ribs, bone-in super saver pack $1.19/lb
ShurSaving Milk, gallon 1%, 2% or skim $1.59
WF cottage cheese $1.67
WF eggs $.58
WF butter $1.58
Yoplait yogurt $.50 (various coupons)
Betty crocker cake mix $.78 (coupon at grocerysmarts.com)
General Mills cereals $1.68 (various coupons)
Keebler graham crackers 2lb $2.18
Keebler saltine crackers $1.18
Lipton/Knorr sides $.99 ($.75/2)
Tonys pizza $2 (-$1/2)
Old El Paso taco shells or enchilada sauce $1.17 (-$.60/2 at grocerysmart.com)
General Mills Promo
Save $5 when you purchase 10 participating items. All items are a good price and all have coupons available.
Today, I purchased 8 green giant box vegetables and 2 betty crocker potatoes. I used a $.40 off 1 coupon for each of the potatoes and 4- $.50/2 coupons for the veggies. I believe the veggies were $1.50 each x 8 = $12 and the potatoes were $1.25 x 2 = $2.50 for a total of $13.25 - $2.80 coupons - $5 in store coupon= $5.45 for all 10 items. Not too bad.

I keep hearing that Atkinsons is so expensive so for those of you who live in Hailey I looked at the ad. This is last weeks ad that ends today but I just wanted you to see that they have good deals as well. You just have to get the ads and look. Here are some of the ones that stuck out to me. When things are on sale you should buy several so that you can have enough to last you until they go on sale again.
pork shoulder roast $1.69/lb
bar s franks $.89
Cheez it $1.97 (-$.75 grocerysmarts.com group a)=$1.22
Nalleys pickles $2.57 (-$1.50) = $1.07
S&W beans $.89
Quilted Northern $4.47 (-$1) = $3.47 [I dont know how many feet this is but if it is 400 or more then this isn't that bad of a price]
Meadow Gold popsicles 18ct $1.47

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