Grocery Ads for 9/30/09

Here are the sale items for the upcoming maceys and albertsons ads.

Albertsons beef top round London Broil, boneless Buy 1 Get 1 free (2#s $5.49)
Pork loin sirloin chops, boneless Buy 1 Get 1 free (2 #s $3.99)
Pork shoulder country style ribs, boneless Buy 1 Get 1 Free (2 #s $3.49)
Hormel ham or Carolina turkey is only $3.79 in the deli
Pringles $1.25 (-$1/4 coupon in sundays paper)
Velveeta 16 oz. $3.99 (-$1 in ad coupon)
Wonder bread $1.67 (-$.55/1)
Totinos pizza rolls $1 (-$.40/2 or $.35/1)
Crest toothpaste $1.49 (-$.50)
Listerine total care $4.99 (-$2)
Soft Scrub scrubby pads $2.50 (-$1)
Tide $8.99 (-$1)

General Mills sale
Save $3 instantly when you purchase 4 items.
The fruit snacks are included but are only a 3 star.
GM cereal (honey nut cheerios, trix, cookie crisp, lucky charms) is a 5 star at $2.50 before the savings and $1.75 after Plus there are several coupons. Coupons are $1/2 & $1/3 & online $1/2 coupon.
Nature Valley granola bars are also a 5 star and there are several coupons.
Example purchase: If you purchase 4 boxes of cereal the total would be $10 - $1/2 coupon - $1/2 coupon - $3 instant savings = $5 or $1.25 per box. ***Remember you must purchase in groups of 4 to qualify!

Nabisco Planters sale
Save $3 instantly when you purchase 4 items.
All items included are a 4 or 5 star. The participating items are:
crackerfuls (-$1/1, Free crackerfuls when you buy ritz)
Ritz crackers (-$1/2 in kraft booklet)
planters peanuts (-$1/2 in the kraft booklet)
Trix Cookie Crisp and Lucky Charms (GM $1/2 coupon)
Wheat Thins ($1 off 1 coupon & Another $1 off coupon)
All are listed at $2.50 before the $3 off and $1.75 after.
***Dont forget about the $20 mail in rebate that is also found in the kraft booklet. You need to purchase 10 cookie or crackers plus other items. You do NOT need to purchase everything in 1 purchase. The offer says to include register receipts not receipt. The first rebate is good through 12/31/09 so start saving receipts. I keep mine in my coupon book..that way I know where they are and I can keep a tally of what else I need to purchase to qualify for the rebate.
Example purchase: 1 crackerful, 1 ritz, 2 planters, 2 wheat thins, and 2 cereal. 8 items. Total before coupons $20 - 2.50 (crackerful/ritz coupon) - $1 (planter) - $2 (2 wheat thin coupons) - $1 (cereal coupon) - $6 (2 instant savings) = $7.50. That comes out to less than $1 for each item Plus you can 4 crackers for the rebate.
**Remember you must buy in increments of 4 and I recommend splitting each group of 4 into its own order because often the computer will only recognize 1 instant savings per order. This happened to my sister a few weeks ago she purchased 2 groups of $15 and thought she would receive 2 $5 off coupons; however she only received 1. If she had purchased one group of $15 and then another she would have received both coupons. I prefer to shop this way anyway because it is easier to keep track of the prices and I can catch mistakes easier.

Taco Bell sale
There are several taco bell items that are on sale and you can save $3 when you purchase $10. However, none of them are a really great deal.

There is also a mix n match sale. You can receive $5 off your next purchase when you purchase $20. The only items that are a really good deal are the pillsbury brownie and cake mixes and the smuckers jellys and jams. I have found a really good cake recipe and brownie recipe that I make from scratch. They are so easy and better than any store bought mixes so I dont even buy mixes anymore. I will have to post the recipes soon. Hmm..an excuse to make brownies &/or cake. :)

5# potatoes $.89
Lettuce $.99
Beef - 93% Lean Ground $1.99/#
Beef - Cross Rib Roast, boneless $1.58/#
Pork - Butt Roast, bone-in $1.18/#
Pork - Half Loin Roast, boneless $1.89/#
Pork - Sirloin Roast, bone-in $.99/#
Shursavings milk $1.67
WF butter $1.79
WF Medium cheddar 2#s $3.99
Hunts spaghetti sauce $.88
Quaker products save $3 when you buy any participating 5 products. This is a manufacturers coupon so you cannot use other coupons with it.
Hersheys or Reeses candy bars $.38 (several coupons for reeses)
Ortega diced green chilies $.92 (-$75/2)
WF egg noodles $.68
Wonder bread $1.64 (-coupon found here)
Tombstone pizza $3 (-$1.50/2)
Tonys crispy crust pizza $.78
WF burritos 10 pack $2.19
colgate $1.88
Gillette fusion razor $7.77 (-$4)
Olay bar soap $2.97 (-$1)

For those of you who live in Spanish Fork, we have a new grocery store in Salem called Crisp's. They are an associated food store and offer many of the same sale items as maceys.

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