Free Fast Fixin Products & coupons

Fast Fixin' is a company that makes several frozen products. The main product I use is the chicken nuggets but they have other products such as breakfast products. If you sign up as a fast fixin fanatic you will be able to print 10- $.30 off coupons immediately after signing up. The coupons are good for any fast fixin product 20 oz or larger. Once you sign up and print the coupons, go back to the fanatics page and log back in and you should find info on a survey. If you take the survey, they will mail you another coupon. I believe that coupon will be for $1 or $2 but I cant remember.
If you buy their products be sure to save the upc's from the packages. Once you have acquired 10, you can mail them to them and they will mail you a coupon for free product! I have been a member of their mailing list for several years and have done this once. I am one away from receiving another coupon.
If you sign up, be sure to read the emails you receive from them as they will email you surveys every once in a while. If you participate in the surveys you will able to print coupons.
They also have a school rewards program. Their packages have a special upc-thing that you can cut out and give to your school. The school can turn them in and earn money like the boxtops.
They aren't our favorite chicken nuggets but they arent bad and they are usually reasonably priced. I havent tried their other products but I should. If any of you have let me know how you like them.

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