Free & cheap Stuff!!

Well for us Idahoians!! However you would say that!! We can get stuff for FREE with our doublers and in Utah you can get stuff cheap!! Well first off the thing that I love is the Dial hand soap that is on the ad for 10 for $10 and on coupons.com you can get a .55 off 1 coupon and double it and it is actually a .10 moneymaker!! Then also gummy snacks are 1.25 each or 4 for $5 and there is a coupon both online at coupons.com and out of the paper a couple times and it is .40 off one and if you double that it comes to .45 cents a box which is awesome but if you buy one box with 2 soaps then it ends up being 25 cents plus tax for your whole trip!! Yeah!! Then the campbells soup at hand is free when doubled and those coupons are out of the paper also. There is also a Wonder bread coupon online I believe it is at coupons.com and it is .55 off 1 white loaf and they are on sale for 1.67. My husband went in last night and got 2 soaps and a loaf of bread and paid 50cents and that was tax and all!! Also the Yoplait delights are on sale 2.50 each and we have a dollar off coupon out of the paper but there is also one online at coupons.com and when doubled they are 50 cents. I think I have 8 coupons out of the paper and half of them expire 11/30 so I think I will use 4 and save some in case they become absolutely free int he near future!! I am hoping ok!! I think that is about it Oh wait the 3 day sale the Whole frying chicken is 77 cents a lb. which is a great deal and I will be there Friday buying some chickens and also sheena will be putting her rotisserie chicken (hope I spelled that right) recipe on the blog soon and she said that it is just as good as Albertsons or Costco's with just oven baked. I am anxious to try it out and soon I will have whole chickens and I can!! I will make sure she posts that soon since they are on sale!! If I find more stuff I will update this!! I am disappointed because most of the blogs I read don't have anything posted yet!! So here you go hott off the press!! :)

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