This weeks grocery ads

Albertsons petite sirloin steak, Beef Loin Ball Tip, Max Pak 2.99/lb
Albertsons top round London Broil, boneless, Max Pak 2.99/lb
Emerald Glazed Nuts 5-7 oz.$2 ( $1.50/2)
French's mustard $1.50 ($.75 off 1)
Congra/Kelloggs sale-purchase $25 & receive $10 off your next purchase.
(they have this sale every year-I try to stock up on hunts spaghetti sauce)
Almost everything offers is a 4 or 5 star, meaning it is a great sale. I have chosen just a few items that I have coupons for.
This is what I am going to purchase:
2 Raisin Bran =$5 (-1)
4 Frosted Mini Wheats =$10 (-$2 + there is a $1.50/2 coupon at grocerysmarts.com group c)
1 Frosted Flakes, 1 Rice Krispies & 2 Froot Loops =$10 (-$2)
4 Keebler cookies =$10 (-$2)
4 Poptarts = $10 (-$2)
6 Chef Boyardee = $6 (-.70)
Total $51 - $9.70 coupons -$1 catalina from previous purchase
I will receive $20 off my next purchase. Plus I have not purchased items for my kelloggs rebate yet so I will get a $10 mail in rebate as part of the Kelloggs rebate. Not bad!

Post cereal $1.50 each when you purchase 4 (there are coupons available as well but I have already used mine and cant remember what they are) If you purchase the post selects you should get a catalina as well if it is still in effect.
There is a coupon for Honey Bunches of Oats w/ Pecans ($2 off) online. The pecan version isn't offered as part of the sale at my albies but it is still a great coupon.

Extra Lean Ground Beef, 85% lean 2 lbs or more $1.69/lb
Kraft Cheese 3/$5 ($1/2 for singles & $1/2 for poly-o natural cheese)
Smiths eggs dozen, $1.25
Mt Dairy Milk $1.50
They are still offering the GM sale. Purchase 10 products and save $5 instantly.
Cereal $1.99/$1.49 after $5 off (several coupons $.55 off trix, $1/2 cheerios @ grocerysmarts, I think. $1/3 newspapers)
Betty Crocker fruit snacks $1.99/$1.49 after $5 off (several coupons $50/2 or $40/1 newspapers and grocerysmarts)
Toaster Strudel $1.99/$1.49 after $5 off (several coupons $.55/2 at grocerysmarts)

cantaloupe, nectarines & peaches
ground beef $1.59
Beef, london broil & top round roast $1.79
Gold n plump chicken 2/9 ($1/1 grocerysmarts.com groupa)
pork boneless ribs $1.49
shursavings milk $1.59
wf cottage cheese $.99
cache valley 2 lb cheese $5.99 ($1/2lb grocerysmarts.com)
wf 2 lb cheddar $3.99 ($1/2 lbs grocerysmarts.com)
farmland sausage $1.49
land o frost sandwich meat
wf string cheese 5/$1
wf napkins $1.34

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