Monthly Meal Menu

Alright, so last week I decided I was going to plan my meals for a whole month (I've never done this before, so this is BIG for me). It was actually really easy because I have so many recipes that I want to try. So I started thinking I shouldn't be so selfish and keep these to myself and wait to post them until after I make them. So if you're interested in any of my recipes that I have let me know. I have a calendar and shopping list made up, but I can easily add the recipes and email them to whoever is interested. So if you want, send me a message( sheena_perron@hotmail.com) or post a comment on here. Thanks!

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  1. Sheena, I am loving this blog. I don't do the recipes or the coupons, but I am amazed at how talented you 3 sisters are. The best part is that I am related to one! Keep those recipes and coupon ideas coming. You never know, I just may try all of them one of these days It was so great having you live with us, we got to try all the recipes you were trying first hand. I got very spoiled. You are the best! I am a lucky woman! Kathy Perron