Limits on online coupon

I was just asked a question about online coupons and thought I would answer it here in case anyone else is wondering the same thing.
can you print more than 2 coupons per item per computer? i thought that the coupon companies have a block so mess up the barcode on the third + coupons to reduce fraud & that you can't copy the printed ones because that also messes up the bar code. so have you printed more than 2 & used them without problems?
Most sites limit the amount of times you can print a coupon. However, most will let you print a coupon twice. Once in a great while a manufacturer will have a coupon on their website and they will allow you to print it more than twice. Sometimes on manufacturers websites, I am able to print a coupon twice and then a few days later I am able to print it again. Smartsource and other coupon websites usually limit you to two per month. However, I was able to print 2 of the milk, yogurt and cheese coupons that they have been offering every 2 weeks or so.

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