Kelloggs Rebate

If you purchase 10 participating products you will receive a $10 mail in rebate. Information on the rebate was included in the 8/2 newspaper as well as some Kelloggs coupons. All products must be purchased in one transaction for the mail in rebate.
Albertsons has a sale on some of the participating items. Here is an example purchase from Albertsons:
4 Kelloggs fruit snacks $1.67 x 4 = $6.68
6 Kelloggs cereals $1.97 x 6 - $11.82
-$2 fruit snack coupons
-$3 cereal coupons
Total $13.50
Mail in rebate - $10
Grand total $3.50

For those of you who have a Walgreens nearby, they also have several items on sale this week. Walgreens is also offering Register rewards on these products.
2 Pop Tarts $2 x 2 = $4 - $1 coupon
2 Keebler cookies $2 x 2 = $4 - $1 coupon
2 rice Krispies treats $2 x 2 = $4 - $1 coupon
($5 register rewards for the above products)
4 Kelloggs cereals = $2.50 x 4 = $10 - $2 coupon
($2 register rewards for the cereal)
Total $22
- $5 coupons
- mail in rebate $10
= $7
Plus you will have $7 in register rewards- coupons for your next purchase

If you happen to go to Walgreens, they have a coupon for Jello in their ad. It is good for 2 Jello for $1. There were coupons in the newspaper within the last 2 weeks for $.50 off 2. So you could purchase 6 Jellos for $3 - $1.50 coupons = $1.50. There is a limit of 6 Jello for this sale.

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  1. This is funny but thought you'd get a kick out of it. I had to go to Walgreens twice to pick meds for my dad. There is this big green sign at the check out counter that says, special of the month 3 candy bars for $3.00. If we don't mention it, you get it free. I thought, well, I'll see what happens. The place was really busy and the checker the first day was having a rough time. She didn't mention the special, so I got a candy bar (M&M's with peanuts) free. The next day, I had to return to Walgreens. The sign was there again, but they weren't too busy. I made my purchase, no offer of the special, got another M&M's peanuts free. Now I know this not exactly what you have in mind with your coupon ideas, but, hey, it's a start for me. And just what I need......more calories. Kathy