Albertson's Sales!!!!!

Ok gals I hope you were like me and bought 4 papers yesterday because this sale is HOTT!! So the first ones I show are the buy $30 and get $15 off your next purchase and the last one is buy $10 and get $5 off! Ok so this is what I am going to do my first 4 trips hahaha yes I know 4 trips!!
First Trip!!
4 Dove Deodorant 2.50 each, coupon online dove.com $2.00 off =.50 each for me $2.00
4 Vaseline Lotions 2.50 each, coupon in paper yesterday 1.25 off = 1.25 each for me $5.00
2 Pkg Pillsbury ref. dough 2.50 each, coupon online $1.00 off 2 (double it)=1.50 ea. for me $3.00
2 SIMPLY ref. dough 2.50 each, coupon online $1.00 off (double both) =.50 eac. for me $1.00
Total 11.00 I pay and then get a $15.00 of my next purchase!!

So I go back later and buy this:
18 Ragu Pasta Sauces 3 for $5 = $30
I have 9 $1.00 off 2 sauces -9.00
Double 3 of them additional -3.00
Total is 18.00 but take $15 off because of my coupon and pay $3 something with tax and on top of that get a $15 off my next purchase!

So when I go back I buy this:
4Honey Nut Cheerios 2 for $4, coupon for $1 off 2 boxes (double it) -$2= $4.00
1Honey Nut Cheerios 2 for $4, 2 coupons is $1.00 off 1 box (double it) = 0.00
3 suave Kids Shampoos 3 for $5, coupon in paper .50off each =3.50
6 wish bone dressings 3 for $5, coupon online and paper .75off each= 5.50
2 Best Foods Mayo 2 for $5, coupon in paper .60 off each = 3.80
Total is 16.80 but use my $15 off next purchase from before and it is 1.80 plus tax!! and then get another $15 off next purchase so then I will go back and buy this:

2 Bounty Papertowel packages 9.99 each, coupon in paper .25 off double both= 18.98
Because I have to make the $20 I will buy this
2 Pringles 2 for $3 coupon in paper $1.00 off 2, (double it)= .50 each or for me 1.00
total is 19.98 but I use the $15 off coupon and then it is 4.98 and then I get a $5 off next purchase!!

So for $20 I am getting about $100 worth but that $100 dollars worth is the sale price so retail price is at least double that value!! So I just cut my shopping bill by at least 80% and it was easy!!

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  1. Shawnna, looks good! You are catching on. The only problem I see is the lotion. Double check your coupon. I believe the coupon is for a the bigger sized lotions and I think the sale is on the smaller size. This is the kind of lotion we use so I was going to check when I went to the store. I hope I can use the coupon because that is a good deal.