albertsons ad for 8/5

I am short on time this week so I am just going to post info on the 2 bigger sales, spend $30 and receive $15 off your next purchase & Spend $20 and receive $5 off your next purchase. These sales were also in the Sunday newspaper.
I went yesterday and was hoping to get everything I needed in 2 trips but they were out of 1 items so I only purchased 1 group of $30 and am going to go back today to try to get my other group of $30. This is what I intended to buy:
$2.50 group
7 vaseline lotions -1.25 coupon for each
2 dove deodarants -1.50/2
2 klondike bars -1/2
11x 2.50 = 27.50

3/5 group
4 ragu -1/2
2 wishbone -.75
6 x 1.67 = $10

2/4 group
2 cereal -1/2
4 skippy -.75/2
6 x 2 = 12

10/10 group
4 knorr sides -.75/2
1 onion soup
5 x 1= 5

2/6 group
2 Breyers ice cream -1/2
2 x 3 = 6

Total $60
-$5 off a $60 purchase
- $19.75 in coupons
- $2 double coupons
- $2 (coupon I have from taking a survey)
I will receive $30 off my next purchase

I was going to then purchase out of the purchase $20 get $5 off next purchase group
2 tides -1/1
$10.99 x 2 = 21.98
4 pantene -1/2
$3.33 x 4 = 13.32
2 crest -.75/1
2 = $5.33
Total $40.63
- $5.50 coupons
- $2 double coupons
- $30 coupons from above
Plus I will receive $10 off next purchase.

Basically you could get everything above for under $40 Plus you have $10 to spend on your next purchase. However they did not have vaseline lotions so I only got:
4 skippy
4 knorr sides
2 breyers
2 klondike
3 dove
Plus I got clearance eggs for $.50, clearance wheat chexs for $1.50 each (I also had coupons) & 1 pack of gum for $1.19.
My total was $24.71
I received $15 off my next purchase.
I then purchased
2 Tide for $21.98
- $2 coupons
- $2 double coupons
- $15 off purchase
= $4.47
Plus I received a coupon for $5 off my next purchase.
One of my sisters called me & asked if this sale was really worth it. I explained it like this..if you are planning on buying tide within the next few weeks, you would spend about $20-$25 on 2 bottles. I spent $28 & I bought tide as well as 20 other items. Plus I received a coupon for $5 off my next purchase.
When buying from these sales I try to find the things that are the best deals. My budget is rather small so I have not been purchasing a lot of premade items or treats/junk food. I try to buy staples or food storage items, such as peanut butter and rice. I did buy ice cream but that is the only treat I have purchase within the last 2 weeks.

Tips for shopping these sales:
Shopping these sales can be confusing, esp if you plan out what you want to buy and then they are out of something. I wrote a detailed list of the $60 worth of items that I would like to buy. I looked for the most important ones first. In my case it was the vaseline lotion. My boys have allergies and that is one of the few lotions they can use. My store was out of it so I had to readjust what I was going to purchase. I decided to purchase just 1 set of $30 instead of 2. I looked at my list and chose the items that I really wanted/needed or items that I had good coupons for. In my case, I had $1.25 off of 1 dove deodarant and another for $1.50 off of 2 & I decided to purchase 3 of those. Peanut butter is a staple and the knorr sides are a great food storage item so I decided to get those as well. Just remember to add up the items as you go along. Be sure to purchase the full $30 or you wont get the $15 coupons.
What if you are $.50 short of the $30? Some may purchase one other item that they have a coupon for such as a box of cereal for $2. If you have a $1 off coupon that would work but if not try to find the one of the cheapest items offered on the sale. In this case one of the 10/$10. That is why I had 1 onion soup mix on my original order. I needed $1 more to reach the $60. I dont have a coupon for it but it is still a fairly good price and I will use it.
Hope this helps. Good luck with the sale and if you have any questions, let me know.


  1. OK Shannon, you ARE the master shopper! HOLY SMOKES! Sheena told me, but I had no idea! I am going to keep very close tabs on this blog! I totally want to learn your secrets. We only have a Albies here...well, we have Atkinsons, but blah WAY too expensive, so I don't have a lot of options, but I am ALL OVER your Albies lists! THANKS!

  2. Amy, I have been so busy that I havent even been checking our comments. I hope what I have been posting has helped. Now that school has started again I should have more time to post. If you need help with anything dont hesitate to ask.