Mom's Pinto Beans

This recipe came from my Mom. I love these beans, anytime I make tacos, enchiladas, or any Mexican dish I try to have these as the side dish. Thanks Mom!!! We love you!

The ingredients are:
Pinto Beans, Bacon, Ro-tel Tomatoes, onion, garlic, Chicken Bouillon Cubes, Salt and Pepper. Let's get started!

The night before dump 1 lb. of pinto beans into a bowl and add enough water to cover the beans by an inch or two. Let them soak overnight.

In the morning, drain and rinse them, the water will be pretty dirty. Then put them into a crockpot.

Chop up some bacon (It is really up to you, I used maybe 4-5 slices.). Chop up an onion, 1/4 C and 2 cloves of garlic (I just used the jar of chopped garlic and added a spoon of that.)

Add those to the pot.

And then add your jar of Ro-tel tomatoes, juice and all.

Next, in a small bowl or measuring cup dissolve 2 bouillon cubes in some water and add that to the pot. And then add enough water to cover the beans by an inch or so. Cook for 6 hours on high. I usually let it cook for awhile and then add the salt and pepper.

And here is the finished product. I always put some cheese on mine, it makes it really yummy. And beside the beans is my hubby's double decker taco (With my homemade tortilla, oh yes.) Enjoy!!
Mom’s Pinto Beans

2C. or 1 lb. Pinto Beans
1 Can Ro-tel Tomatoes with green chiles
1-2 tbsp. Chicken Bouillon
Onion (optional)
Garlic (Optional)
Salt and Pepper to taste

Wash and Soak beans overnight. Drain and Rinse in the morning. Pour beans into a crockpot. Add bacon, onion, garlic, Ro-tel, bouillon, and salt and pepper. Cook on high for 6 hours.

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