Great Deals!!

Ok so I am going to post some stuff since Shannon hasn't yet, so the ones that I have seen that I am going to purchase and I will write it how we can do it in Idaho for my friends and family that read it up here!! So girls get a paper today and remember everytime you go to the store ask for an ad, there are 3 twice the value (double coupons) this week YEAH!! Ok so first off Fresh Gourmet Salad Toppings are on sale 10/$10 there is a coupon on www.smartsource.com for $1.00 off 2 well double and it is FREE!! Also the toilet paper is on sale and there were coupons in the paper this week and there were coupons a while ago and there were coupons online a few weeks ago if you happen to have any of them they are 3/ $9.99 for the Cottonelle so if you double the $.50 coupon you get $1.00 off which they are $2.33 for 6 double rolls which is like 10 cents a roll cheaper than costco!! If you like Scott I know a lot of people who wont use it for the sake of their bums but for a food storage item I think it would last longer than the other brands, anyways that is on sale too and there were coupons in the papers a couple weeks ago for $1.00 off so if doubled it is about .33 cents a roll. Also there is a deal for Free Bic pens with a coupon they are 50 cents right now and the coupon is $1.00 off two and it let me print it twice. That coupon is at www.coupons.com. Also Pop Tarts are 10/$10 which is a good price and I swear there was a coupon a couple weeks ago but I can't seem to find mine!! Toothpaste is a good deal and has been for a couple weeks! This week Colgate Total there was coupons in last Sunday's paper I believe for $1.00 off so if doubled it is .50 cents a tube!! Better than Costco and they are cheap like 90 cents a tube!! Also the toothbrush for Colgate they had a coupon this week for a dollar off and if you double it you get a good deal at 50 cents a toothbrush!! Ziploc bags are on sale for 2/$4 for the 10-20 count and 3.99 for the 30-50 count. There was a coupon in the paper for $1.00 off of 2 and .40 cents off 1. So if doubled the two you get $2.00 off $4 or $8 or .80 cents off $2 or 3.99. There are a couple items that are priced good for a couple days so keep that in mind when you go if you go this week and also keep in mind that some of them have quantity limits. So as the Krazy Koupon Lady would say dust off your coupon books we are going shopping!!! I also read her blog for different Ideas and she is out of Boise I believe but here is the blog for the Idahoians: http://krazycouponlady.blogspot.com/search/label/Albertson%27s
Good luck and have fun!! I have to tell you I was in the store and they messed up on my stuff and I had to hassle and go up to the Customer Service and my husband asked is it really worth all that hassle and then he looked at how much we saved and he agreed it is, just don't get discouraged and Shannon taught me to map it out before you go and always have a back up plan if they are out of stuff and it has helped me so much!!

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  1. I think one of you guys needs to come to Indy and show me how this is done!