Double coupons

There were 3 double coupons in today's newspaper!
Dial Foam Soap is on sale for $1.25. There is a $.55 coupon at http://www.pinchingyourpennies.com/forums/showthread.php?t=125557. Scroll down..it is under the 'printable coupons'. $1.25 - $1.10 (if doubled) = $.15 Not bad!
Colgate toothpaste is on sale for $2.50. There was a $1 off coupon in todays paper. $2.50 - $2 (if doubled) = $.50. Toothpaste frequently goes on sale cheaper than this and with a coupon you can sometimes get it cheaper but this price isnt that bad. You will need to double check your store and make sure the coupon matches the toothpaste that is on sale.
Mix & Match Sale
General Mills cereals - there are still several coupons for GM; there was a $1 off 2 boxes in the newspaper today. Do you remember the free milk offer from a few weeks ago? It is still going on. I dont know when it ends..it may be sometime this week, but this cereal is part of the deal. You will receive 1 free milk coupon for every four boxes.
Crackerfuls - there was a $1 off 1 box coupon in the newspaper today. $2.49 - $2 (doubled) = $.49.
Tilamook cheese- if you havent used the $1 off 2 lbs of cheese coupon then this is a good deal. The mix & match 8oz tillamook cheese is only $1.19 after the sale. I know there was a coupon for $5.49 for 2 lbs of Tillamook cheddar cheese but buying 4 of the 8oz tillamook cheese is a better deal. $1.19 x 4 = $4.76. If you use the $1 off 2 lbs of cheese coupon it makes it only $3.76 for 2 lbs. If you have already used the coupon, try to print it again. I receive Taste of Home magazine and I also get their email newsletters, which sometimes include coupons. I was able to print 2 coupons from the newsletter they sent me although I had already printed the coupon a few weeks ago.
Darigold Cottage Cheese - On sale $1.49 - $.40 coupon = $1.09.
Challenge Butter - There is a $.50 off 1 coupon at http://www.challengedairy.com/special-offers/coupon-request. $1.99 - $1 (doubled) = $.99.
Kraft Dressing - There was a $1 off coupon in the newspaper a few weeks ago. $1.49 - $2 (doubled) = +$.51! Screaming hot deal..you get paid to buy it!
Kraft BBQ sauce - There was a $.50 coupon in the newspaper last week. I think it was for $.50 ..I used mine last week so I am not certain. $.49 - $1 (doubled) = $.51! Another awesome deal ..you get paid!
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese- If you havent used your coupon this is still a good deal. One thing I havent explained is how catalinas work. Catalinas are coupons that print after you pay. If you purchase 6 mac & cheese you will receive a catalina for $2 off your next purchase. You will only receive 1 catalina for the mac & cheese per order. Last week, I purchased one order which included 6 mac & cheese and 4 tillamook cheeses. I received 1 $2 off coupon. I made a second order of 6 mac & cheese and 4 gm cereals. I received 1 $2 off coupon and a free milk coupon. Then I made another order, my big order, and I was able to use both $2 off coupons and the free milk coupon.
Another catalina worth mentioning is the General Mills fruit snack one. I purchased 4 boxes of fruit snacks, which I had 2 coupons for and I received a catalina for $2.50 off my next order and a 1 free redbox rental. With the coupons and the catalina & the redbox, I think I paid less per box than I would have paid for the Western Family fruit snacks, which is what I usually buy when other aren't on sale.
You can find the catalina offers on the pinchingyourpennies website. The link for this weeks offers is http://www.pinchingyourpennies.com/forums/showthread.php?t=125557.
hot pockets coupon There is also a coupon for $1.39 hot pockets in the ad. Last week I bought 2 and received a catalina for $.75 off 2. If I purchase 2 more and use my double coupon. I would pay $1.28 for 2.

Here are a few diffent scenarios for the double coupons:
1st option for double coupons
4 Tillamook cheese $1.69x4=$6.76
4 General Mills $2.49x4=$7.96
2 Crackerfuls $2.49x2=$4.98
Total = $19.70
Mixnmatch -$5
Total $14.70
Subtract $5 coupons, -$3 doubled coupons = $6.70 + 1 free milk coupon.

I have 2 sets of double coupons so I am trying to make the most of my coupons plus I have to buy 16 bags of marshmallows for my sister-in-laws wedding reception...so lets try something different:
2nd option:
4 Tillamook cheese $1.69x4=$6.76
2 Crackerfuls $2.49 x 2 = $4.98
4 Marshmallows $.99 x 4 = $.3.96
Total $15.70 - $5 = $10.70 - $3 coupons - $3 double coupons = $4.70
3rd option:
4 General Mills $2.49x4=$7.96
4 Easy Mac $.99 x 4 = $3.97
2 Marsmallows $.99 x 2 = $1.98
Total $13.91 - $5 = $8.91 - $4 coupons - $3 double coupons = $1.91 + 1 free milk coupon
4th option for sale:
1 challenge butter $2.49 (-$.50)
1 Electrosol $4.49 (-$2.50 cant be doubled)
1 Darigold cottage cheese $1.99 (-$.40)
1 Kraft dressing (-$1)
6 Marsmallows $.99 x 4 = $5.94
Total $15.41 - $5 = $10.41 - $1.90 coupons - $1.90 double coupons -$2.50 = $4.62
colgate toothpaste $2.50 - $2 (doubled) = $.50
colgate toothpaste $2.50 - $2 (doubled) = $.50
2 hot pockets $1.39 x 2 = $2.78 - $1.50 (doubled) = $1.28
I hope the math is right. It is late and I am tired so double check the math before going to the store. You can also substitute whatever you would like...just be sure to purchase 10 items in an order. You can purchase more than 10 items per order but you can only use 3 double coupons per shopping trip. I hope this gives you an idea of how much you can save with double coupons.
Added Mon. July 13-
I have decided what I am going to purchase with my double coupons.
1st order:
4 Tillamook cheese for $6.76
4 GM cereals for $7.98
2 marshmallows for $1.98
Total = $16.72 - $5 (mix & match sale) - $3 (coupons) - $3 (double coupons) = $5.72 - $2.50 off next order I received last week = $3.22 Plus I should receive a coupon for free milk at checkout.
2nd order
6 Mac & cheese $5.94
4 Marshmallows $3.96
Total = $9.90 - $5 = $4.90 Plus I should receive a coupon for $2 off my next order
3rd order
10 marshmallows $9.90
2 gallons of milk -about $4
2 colgate toothpaste $5
Total $18.90 -$5 (mix match sale) - $4.50 (free milk coupon) - $1.50 (1 -$.75 off milk coupons, doubled) -$4 (colgate toothpaste doubled) - $2 off coupon from mac n cheese purchase = $1.90
So all 3 orders will cost me $10.02.
$10.02 for 2lbs of cheese, 4 GM cereals, 16 bags of marshmallows, 6 boxes of mac n cheese, 2 tubes of toothpaste & 2 gallons of milk. Not bad. I have not completely decided on the toothpaste but I will look around when I go; there is always a good deal to find esp. when you have double coupons.

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  1. There are tons of deals this week!! Multi Grain Cheerios is on sale and there is a .75 coupon on coupons.com and if you double it you pay 50 cents a box but if you want to do the 4 you end up paying a little more but still i think it ends up being $1 a box which is good for cereal. The other thing is the Cottonelle double roll toilet paper is on sale for 5.99 and there was a $1 coupon in the paper a couple weeks ago and now is the time to use it and double it. Also Spray N Wash is on sale for 1.49 and there was a 50 cent coupon a couple of weeks ago and if you double that you get it for .49 cents. Another one that you don't have to double is the Finish Electrasol yesterday's paper had a 2.50 off coupon and it is on sale for 3.99 i believe. Also at coupons.com there is a Special K coupon on their bars and if doubled you get .01 cent back so that is worth doubling if you have an extra coupon to double and get something free!!