Companion Planting

I really enjoy gardening. I love growing flowers, shrubs, trees and vegetables. I was talking to our dad the other night about companion planting. I dont like to use chemicals on my vegetables so I have researched companion planting..which is growing certain plants by others so that they can help each other. Some plants grow well together and some do not. Some plants are beneficial in keeping bugs and insects away. Here are some of the basics that I have found.
Basil is a good companion for tomatoes. It helps improve the flavor and growth and repels flies & mosquitos.
Beans add nitrogen to the soil. They will thrive when planted by cabbage, brocolli & cauliflower as well as marjoram, rosemary & sage but they dont do well close to onions, chives or garlic.
Bee Balm is good for tomatoe. It does the same thing that basil does.
Beets add minerals to the soil
Cabbages and relatives such as cauliflower, brocolli and brussel sprouts like to be grown by other leafy veggies, beans, peas, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions.
Carrots do well next to any other vegetables except parsnips & dill.
Chives will help prevent apple scab if planted under apple trees. They will also keep aphids and black spot away from your roses.
Corn produces large amounts of pollen which attracts beneficial insects. Grows well with pumpkins and beans (the 3 sisters). Beans grow up corn stalks and pumpkin/squash grows on the ground around the corn. Dont grow near tomatoes.
Chives will help carrots grow better and increase flavor.
Cucumbers dont like sage.
Daisies attract beneficial insects.
Garlic helps keep aphids away from your roses. Also good for strawberries & tomatoes.
Hot pepper roots prevent root rot and fusarium diseases.
Lettuce likes carrots, radishes, beets, brocolli, cabbage, onions, cucumbers, beans & strawberries.
Marigolds are a must have for any garden. Grow with tomatoes to ward off nematodes and cucurbits (cucumbers, squash, pumpkin) to ward off squash vine borer and cucumber beetle. Do not grow by beans and cabbage, though.
Mint repels white cabbage moth and ants. Improves health of cabbage and tomatoes. Mints are invasive so be prepared to work to control them. Besides ants they also help control rodents, flea beetles and aphids.
Nasturtium helps control squash bgs, cucumber beetles & whiteflies. Use as a trap crop for aphids.
Onions repel carrot flies. I grow my carrots and onions together. I alternate rows.
Pansies help onions.
Peas like to be near beans, cabbages and any salad veggie except onions or garlic. Planting by nasturtium deters aphids.
Radishes help cucumber & squash by repeling cucumber beetles.
Rosemary planted by broccoli & cabbage deters cabbage moths and carrot fly.
Sage is great for brocolli, cauliflower, rosemary, cabbage and carrots. Deters cabbage moth, beetles and carrot flies. Keep away from cucumbers, though.
Tomatoes like basil, parsley, beans, peas & carrots but dont grow by potatoes or strawberries.
Thyme likes parsley and marigolds.
Zucchini likes beans and radishes.
Most of this info came from the following websites or you can google 'companion planting'.

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