Always keep coupons with you!!

I went to the store last night to help my sister in law learn the coupon world and I happened to take all my coupons and ended up getting her a 32oz Mayo for 1.99 and Kraft BBQ sauce for free and then I got 2 16oz. flavored milks for free. So you never know when you are going to run into something that you might not want but if it is free hey you are no money out!! Also I was shopping the other day and found some clearance products that I had coupons and paid $1 for each thing!!! Also don't forget to use your Twice the Value coupons at Albertson's I caught myself trying to save it because I didn't max it out but I still got the item for free because it was a $1 on sale and my coupon was 50 cents so it was free. When I go into Albertson's I always ask for an ad and use all three coupons no matter what!! Also don't be afraid to ask for rain checks because they didn't have the cereals I needed for the buy 3 get a free milk and so the guy took my name and made me call in this morning and they told me that I get to choose whatever cereal I want and they will just give me a free milk if I buy three! So I can buy something that has a better coupon and is on sale!!

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  1. Shawnna that is a great tip. I never go to the store without my coupons. Often as you walk down the aisles of a store you will see clearance items. If you have a coupon you can frequently get the items for free. Last week I was able to buy bandaids at Maceys for a great price because they were on clearance and I had a coupon.