Ads for this week

Maceys ad starting tomorrow:
good price on bananas, cucumbers, grapes, plums & green peppers
beef is only $1.59/lb or $1.79/lb for a 2 lb chub
bone in pork chops or roast are only $.99/lb
Shursavings milk $1.79
WF chocolate milk $2.99
Dozen Large eggs $.99 (same as Albies)
WF Butter 16 oz. $1.89
Oscar Meyer bologna $.99 (coupon for $1/2 packages makes it basically buy 1 get 1 free.)
Capri Sun $2 [there is a coupon in ad is for $1/3. There is also a coupon in the kids club magazine for $.50 off 1 caprisun sunrise; if the sunrise is part of the sale & you use the ad coupon & 3 kids club coupons the total would be $6-1-1.50=$3.50/3-the kids club magazines are released every few months by maceys or associated foods I am not sure. There are some available at the checkouts. They have games and contests in them so we always have to get one for each of my kids. There is also supposed to be a coupon from the newspaper several weeks ago that is good for $1/1.]
General Mills cereals 3/$5 or $1.67 each (there are several coupons out for gm cereals)
Kelloggs cereals $2.75 (in store coupons for $6 off 4 makes them 4/$5 - limit of 1 coupon per customer)
Kelloggs poptarts $2.50 (in store coupon $2 off milk when you buy 2 poptarts; there is also supposed to be a coupon for $.55 off 1 box)
Red Baron singles pizzas $3 (Albies has a better price)
Cutter repellent $4.49 (coupon $2 off 1)
Knorr LIpton sides $.97 (coupon for $.75/2) this is an ok price I got some cheaper a few weeks ago at Albies by doubling the coupon.

Albertsons ad starting tomorrow
2 doublers in the ad & there were 3 in the coupons on Sunday. The sunday coupons are good through 7/21 but you can only use 3 at one time.
dozen eggs $.99
ribs 10 lbs/$10
Rosarita refried beans $1 (coupon $.50/3=$2.50/3 or $2/3 if doubled)
Chef Boyardee pastas $1 (coupon $.70/3 = $2.30/3 or $$1.60/3 if doubled)
Dole pineapple or mandarin oranges $1 (coupon $.55/2 (pineapple) = $1.45/2 or $.90/2 if doubled) (I have a $.55 off 2 mandarin oranges that I printed a few weeks ago online which would give you the same price on the oranges)
Chicken $1.88/lb
Red Baron French bread/singles 4/$10 (there is supposed to be a coupon but I think I already used mine)
Betty Crocker brownie mix $1 (I have several coupons from online)
Klondike Bars are buy 1 get 1 free. I think the price would be $4.99/2. There is a coupon at klondikecoupon.com. I have printed 1 from klondikes website sometime during the past few weeks so be sure to check and sign up there for their emails. They will email you coupons.
Mix & Match Sale
Juicy Juice has been added to the sale $2. You should be able to find a coupon at juicyjuice.com for $1/2.

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  1. I am always in the mood for free!! If you look on coupons.com you will find a coupon for $1 off any 2 breyers ice cream and this week at Albertson's they are on sale for $1. Well if doubled that is 2 for free!! Love it!! I love that at our Albertson's they put the ad there so you can get free coupons everytime you go in!!