99 Cent Arm and Hammer Detergent!!

Yes this is true I actually have not seen this on any other blog because I discovered it myself. These products are normally 7.99 and they are on sale until tomorrow for 2.99 and I decided to go and see if the website had any coupons and they do $1 off any detergent and when you double it viola it is $.99. I actually did this yesterday and after going to the store twice they offered me a job at Albertson's to work twice a week to clear up all their coupon mess!! Isn't that crazy!! I don't normally use Arm & Hammer but my sister in law swears by it!! I bought some for food storage purposes and you can't beat a 60 oz. bottle for 99 cents!!! I didn't try to use both coupons in one transaction they might not let you but it is worth trying!!

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  1. I also realized after I mentioned this even at 1.99 a 60oz 44 load bottle of detergent is still a great deal!!