Atkinsons Ad

The Atkinson's ad for this week is similar to our Macey's ad. One of you need to ask if they accept online coupons. And remember they offer double coupons on Monday and Tuesday.
Here are a few things that stick out to me:
General Mills cereals for $1.97 (you can find coupons online at grocerysmarts and maybe some of the other sites)
corn on cob for 3 for $1 (better price than albertsons)
2# western family cheddar cheese for $4.99
marie callendar croutons for $1.79
eggs for $1.19
butter for $1.99
milk for $1.97
oreos for $2.50
tony's pizza for $2
hidden valley ranch for $2.88 (Walmart most likely is cheaper and there is a coupon for $1.50 off 2 at hidden valley.com (print it twice))
solo plates, cups, etc for $2.49 (there was a coupon in the paper a few weeks ago)
bandaids for $2.49 (coupon in ad for $1 off any item in the drug store + there was a coupon in the newspaper several weeks ago)

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