Albertsons Double Coupons

There are 3Albertsons double coupons in todays newspaper. There are also 2 group sales in this week's ads. 'Group sales' is my name for sales that you have to buy a certain number or amount of product to get the sales price. Group sales can be confusing so I am going to show an example of what I am going to purchase tomorrow for these sales.
My first order will be:
12 General Mills cereals (I have 2 coupons that are good for $2 off 5 boxes-these coupons were catalinas that I received from 2 purchases within the last few weeks. I also have a $1 off 2 boxes which I will also use.)
If you dont have the same catalinas that I do there are several websites that have General Mills coupons right now. Here are a few: http://www.eatbetteramerica.com/default2.aspx has $1 off 2 boxes and http://www.boxtops4education.com/Coupons/ has $1 off 2 boxes, $.55 off Reeses Puffs and $.55 off Lucky Charms. Usually the sites will let you print each coupon twice which would be 4 coupons for $1 off 2 and 2 Reeses and 2 Lucky Charms which equals 12 boxes. You may still have coupons from the newspapers as well.
My total will be 12 x $2.49 = 29.88 - $5 (my coupons) - $3 (my 3 double coupons-they will give me up to $1 off for each double coupon) = $21.88.
I will receive 4 coupons for free milk at checkout.
My next purchase will be:
4 gallons of milk = $6.64
produce = $10
2 oscar mayer hot dogs-on sale = $1.96
Epic Sale Items
1 Raisin Bran = 1.99
1 jet dry = $3.99
1 electrosol = $3.99
7 Mac n Cheeses = $7
My total will be $35.57 - $5 for the epic sale = $30.57
The coupons I will use are - $18 (4 free milk coupons) - $1 ($1 off $10 of produce coupon in Albertsons ad) - $1 (oscar mayer hot dogs) - $1 (Raisin Bran) - $.75 (Electrosol) - $.40 (jet dry) - $1 (Mac n Cheese) = $7.42! Now if I use 3 more double coupons, my total would be $4.42!!!
My albertsons store will only let you use 3 double coupons per shopping trip and they can get rude about it so my plan is to go in the morning and purchase my first order and then take the kids to a park nearby or run other errands for a half an hour or so and then go back and purchase my second order. But even if you only have 3 double coupons you are still getting a fairly good deal.
My Raisin Bran coupon is from online and I dont know if it is still available but you could purchase something else instead. If you have 2 mac n cheese coupons you could purchase another mac n cheese instead and then you would have 8 boxes which is what you need to use both coupons.
Remember when using double coupons be sure to tell your cashier to use them for $1 off coupons.
If you havent printed or used the online milk coupons now is a great time to use them. You can find them at http://www.grocerysmarts.com/ group a.

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