Ads for 7/1/09

If you find other great deals for this week, feel free to share them by commenting to this post.
This weeks ad has a few items that are a fairly good price. I am going to list the item, the sale price and coupon, if there is one, in parenthesis. If the coupons can be found online I will provide a link to the coupon as well.
For those of you who live in Utah you can follow this link to the pinching your pennies forum.
http://www.pinchingyourpennies.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=62 Scroll down until you see the Albertsons preview or Maceys preview or the Albertsons ad or Maceys ad. If you click on one of those you will find a link to a shopping list. These shopping lists will rate each item in the ad. They rate items on a scale of 1 to 5 stars with 5 being a super hot deal. If you dont know what is or isnt a good deal you can use their scales to help you. Some items are very rarely a 5 star while others will be on sale with a 5 star rating frequently.
I think I found the forum for Idaho. Here is the link: http://www.pinchingyourpennies.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=30

I just looked at the Walmart ad and they have lowered prices on French's mustard. It is $1.28 which is lower than Maceys or Albertsons.
Maceys ad
Bar S Franks $.50 (there is a coupon for $1 off 2 but it is kind of old-it was in the newspaper several weeks ago so some of you may not have it but this is still a good deal.)
Lays potato chips buy 1 get 1 free
kraft bbq sauce $.99 (-$.50 off 1)
capri sun 3/$5 (-$1 off 3 in ad coupon)
wf pasta 12 oz $.87
famous daves bbq sauce $1.88 (this is Mike's fav)
famous daves pickles $2.25 (- $.50)
nalley pickles $3 (- $1) This price is ok if you need pickles this weekend but if we wait a few weeks they most likely will have a better price.
Frenchs mustard $1.50 (-$.75 or -$.50)
wheat thins $1.66
vanity fair paper plates $2.23 (- $.50)
dixie paper plates $2.27 (- $.50 or -$.35)
I dont know how good of a price the paper plates are. If you need paper products I would compare prices at the store.
wf batteries $3.88

French's mustard $1.50 (- $.75 or -$.50)
Wishbone spritzers $1.67 (- $1)
Wishbone dressing $1.67 (- $.75)
Lipton Knorr sides $1 (-$.75 off 2)
Kraft BBQ $1 (- $.50)
hefty paper products $1.67 (- $1/2 found at coupons.com)
tonys pizza $1.99
kotex lightdays $1 (- $.75 off 1 or -$1.50 off 2)
wheat thins, oreos $1.88 w/ in add coupon limit 3
breyers ice cream $1.99 w/ coupon limit 4
skippy peanut butter $.99 w/ coupon limit 6
Lays buy 1 get 1 free
nestle nesquick milk 13-16 oz $1 (- $1 off 2)
Mix n match sale - Remember you have to buy 10 items to receive the sale price.
planter $2.49 (- $75)
raisin bran $1.99 (-$1)
tillamook $5.99 (-$1) This coupon is the coupon from grocerysmarts that is good for $1 off any brand 2#s of cheese.
kraft dressing $1.99 (- $1)


  1. I live like 2 blocks from the store so I find myself going to the store twice when I need to go so I can use 6 twice the value coupons a day and I just found out last night that you can use that double coupon for the $1 off produce when they have it!!

  2. Here is a comment from a friend of mine. She is an amazing shopper! Thanks Lisa!
    Thanks so much!!! That is a cute blog layout! Hey I didn't see any
    comments on the Banana Boat Sunscreen (or did I miss it) It is BOGO at both Albertson's and Smith's and if you go to www.bananaboat.com you can print out two $2.00 off coupons. Also I noticed that Reams in Springville has A-1 (10oz) Steak sauce for $2.99 there is a $2.00 off SS 6/14 and there are also coupon tear offs at Albertsons for $2.00 off of beef when you buy A-1. I think that it works out pretty sweet, but you probably already were aware of these deals. I would love to be in the loop and I am willing to do coupon swaps as well, just let me know. Thanks, Lisa

  3. I just noticed that I read the Lays chips coupon wrong. It is good for $1 off when you buy chips and dip. Sorry for the mistake!

  4. I bought banana boat sunscreen at Albertsons yesterday. Most were priced at about $10-$11. I bought 2 that were priced at $10.99 and I used 2 coupons for $2 off. My total for 2 was $6.99. Not bad!